Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.6

Changes in v2022.6

  • New puzzle modules Latin Squares and Latin Squares Creative added

Changes in v2022.6.0.1

Changes in the Latin Squares / Latin Squares Creative

  • The Quantity field wasn’t applied properly. This is fixed now
  • The module Latin Squares Creative wasn’t activated properly if it was purchased separately. This is fixed now
  • XML export added to Latin Squares (this requires the XML Export add-on)

Changes in v2022.6.0.2

No software changes.

Fixed: Installer signed with the correct certificate

Changes in v2022.6.1

Puzzle Maker Pro / All modules:

  • Optimized the creation of folders: Instead of creating folders on start-up, it will now create folders only when puzzles are created or saved
  • Instant Puzzle Books: The combined Row/Column padding has been split into separate Row Padding and Column Padding settings. Additionally the maximum padding has been increased to 0.5″.

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