Tiling Tool

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Quickly create a large pattern using a single tile – optionally mirroring and color shifting – Commercial License.

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Tiling Tool – Product Information


Print on Demand (POD) is an easy way to start designing and selling physical products, from books to t-shirts, and from mugs to wall art. All you have to do is create a design digitally and upload it to the POD system of your choice. KDP, Merch by Amazon, RedBubble, GearBubble, Zazzle, and many more.

Sometimes you just need a lightweight program to quickly fill an entire canvas with a single tile.

Maybe rotate the canvas a little bit, to make it more playful.

Change the colors a little for variation. Maybe create a set of variations with different colors.

Tiling Tool is perfect for these needs.

Here are just some of the end products that are quick and easy to make with this fantastic software: Fabric prints, Digital papers, Wallpaper,Wrapping paper, Journal or book covers, Textile designs, Website backgrounds and illustrations, Coloring pages, Borders for printed books and products,Designs Mugs, water bottles, wall art and all other Print on Demand goods.

All finished designs are simple to export in whatever format and size you desire, whether it’s for print or digital. And rest assured, whichever way you choose to export, every creation is set at the optimal resolution for the highest, most professional, quality finish.

Ease of Use

It’s Easy:

  • Select the image (tile) you want to use
  • Set the sizing and repeats to your liking
  • Optional: Select horizontal and/or vertical reflection
  • Optional: Change the colors

Tiling Tool – Video Overview

Tiling Tool Overview

Tiling Tool – Feature Summary

Quick Fill

quickly fill a canvas with a single repeated tile.

Advanced Colorization

Includes advanced colorization options to quickly create many variations.

Canvas Size

Set your canvas size in pixels or inches

Repeat Options

Set repeats, reflection and rotation


Innovative color change options

Commercial Rights

Full commercial rights for your creations

MS Windows

Exclusively on MS Windows

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products