Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Random Shapes

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Create 2D Mazes using random shapes – organic (Voronoi) and triangulation – spread control for random dots – Instant Puzzle Books – Personal / POD License.

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Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Random Shapes – Product Information


With Mazes 2D Random Shapes you get four different types of mazes.

First of all there are two different types of shapes included:

  • Voronoi Cells, a unique, organically looking pattern. This is used for a.o. train and subway stations, to mark the region that’s served by each train station, but it’s also an organic type of pattern, which resembles the skin pattern of a giraffe.
  • Triangulation, irregular non-overlapping triangles. This pattern is a bit less gentle than the Voronoi pattern, and it’s also a unqiue type of maze.

Additionally, for both mazes you can define the spread of the cells (actually the dots that are used to create the cells and triangles:

  • An even spread results in more or less equal size of all shapes
  • A centered spread results in more, smaller shapes at the center, and larger shapes at the edges of the maze. Like a city plan.

You can set the complexity of the maze-path as well, ranging to fairly straight to wildly meandering. In addition to that, there are different options for the start and end points.

Finally you can set the line width and color, passage width, background color, and customize the start and end points, either using letters or images.

Last but not least, you can create Instant Puzzle Books with Mazes.

Optional Add-Ons:

Time Saver Add-on for Mazes 2D – Create a puzzle book with different Mazes 2D variations, several grid sizes and difficulty levels. Use different page layouts, ranging from 1×1 to 10×10.

Note: This module will not work with the Masks Add-On for Mazes 2D.

Ease of Use

It’s easy: Just click “Next Preview” or click “Create” and you’ll see a fresh maze using the default settings.

You can switch between Voronoi Cells and Triangulation using the dropdown menu.

Change the spread of the shapes with one single slider on the Random Shapes tab.

You can change the maze type, start/end points, complexity, and of course the colors and other options to create exactly the puzzle you want.

Change the font and colors to create your own style, and save the puzzles as a preset for later use or reuse.

Free Demo Version

Experience the power Of Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Random Shapes With our free demo version. Please note that puzzles And solutions In the demo version will be watermarked. You can test all features and puzzle types.

If you want to try out the Time Saver Add-On, please contact support.

Note: Sales for Puzzle Maker Pro products are final. We strongly suggest to test compatibility with your Windows PC configuration before purchase.


Getting Started with Mazes 2D Random Shapes

Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Random Shapes – Video Overview

Voronoi Mazes and Features

Triangulation Mazes Examples

Puzzle Maker Pro Features and Functions

Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Random Shapes – Feature Summary

Voronoi Mazes

Organic mazes based on the Voronoi diagram

Triangulation Mazes

Irregular triangle mazes, created by triangulation of random dots

Centered Mazes

Control the spread, add more maze cells in the center of the canvas

Maze Algorithm

Choose different maze generation algorithms – fairly straight to complex and meandering

Grid Size

You can choose a grid size up to 100×100

Wall/Line Width

Set the wall/line width and optionally randomize it

Passage/Door Width

Set the passage/door width and optionally randomize it

Passage/Door Position

Optionally randomize the position of the passages

Solution Line Style

Set the solution line style to straight or curved, dashed or continuous

Add-On: Time Saver

(separate purchase) Create your puzzles and puzzle books faster and better with the Time Saver Add-On.


Advanced Styling options

Font Setup

Use any Truetype font on your computer, choose color, size and positioning

Line Style

Customize line width and color

Customize Font

You can change the font to any TrueType font on your computer

Customize Colors

You can change the font, line and background colors

Preview Puzzles and Solutions

You can preview the puzzles and solutions with your custom styling settings

Create Puzzles on Your Computer

Puzzles and Solutions will be stored on your computer. No need for downloads

Solutions included

Solutions for the puzzles are included


You can save and load your own presets for each puzzle, to preserve styling consistency

Create Puzzles

Create many puzzles at once, with a single mouse-click

Puzzle Output Size

Set your own puzzle size, up to 3000 pixels (10” at 300 DPI)

Puzzle Output Format

Save your puzzles in JPG, PNG or Transparent PNG format (optionally in 4bit format for smaller size)

Custom Output Location

Set up your own output folder structure, including date and custom name placeholders

Instant Puzzle Books

Use the Puzzle Maker Pro options to generate Instant Puzzle Books in Powerpoint or PDF format

Puzzle Numbering

Use custom puzzle numbering, to create parts of puzzle books that can be appended later

Trim Size

Set up your own trim size, from 1×1 to 15×15 inch


Set your own page margins

Mirrored Margins

Optionally use mirrored margins, for equal inner and outer margins on left and right pages

Title Setup

Various options to set up titles for your puzzles in your Instant Puzzle Books

Default Page Layout

By default a 1×1 layout grid is used.

Advanced Page Layout

With the Time Saver Add-On (additional purchase) you can set up your own grid layout, up to 10×10 puzzles


With the Time Saver Add-On (additional purchase) you can collate puzzles and solutions and use different layouts for each

Page Layout Customization

With the Time Saver Add-On (additional purchase) you can customize the distance between puzzle rows and columns

Time Saver

The Time Saver Add-On (additional Purchase) will let you create sets of puzzles faster, optionally using your own puzzle presets

Personal License

You can create and print puzzles for your own use, share with your kids and family, in your classroom or with your team

POD License

You can create and print puzzles and puzzle books and sell on Print on Demand platforms such as KDP, or sell as printables

Optimized for Windows (10/11)

The software can be used on MS Windows 7 or higher. It’s only available on Mac when you use Virtualbox, Parallels or another virtual Windows platform

Product DetailsPuzzle Maker ProInstant Puzzle BooksPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products

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