Affiliate Information

We use Impact Radius to manage partnerships. If you want to promote our products as an affiliate, please use this link: Affiliate Signup. Approval is manual, feel free to send a message if it takes more than a day.

Affiliate tracking is based on 30-day cookies. Last cookie wins.

(Our products are not available on WarriorPlus, due to tax requirements – WarriorPlus has no options to handle VAT/GST.)

The aMember affiliate system has been switched off on March 1st 2020 because of technical changes. The Avangate affiliate system has been switched off on Feb 1st 2022 due to misinformation by affiliates.

Rules and Conditions for our Affiliate Program

Our assumption is that you do some pre-selling, either in a blog, video, email or social media, and send traffic to our website using (custom) links you can find in your Impact dashboard. When someone clicks your affiliate link, tracking information (aka cookie) will be saved, and a purchase will be attributed to your affiliate account. The cookies work for all products.

There are some activities that will put your account at risk:

If we notice that you are buying our products with your own affiliate link, we’ll reverse (cancel) the affiliate commission. It’s entirely possible that it happens by accident. However, if this happens regularly, and especially if you’re not sending any other traffic, we may end your affiliate contract without notice.

Using your affiliate links for friends and business partners

If the only traffic you are sending are obvious family members or business partners (or close friends), we may end your affiliate contract without notice.

Cookie Stuffing

If you don’t know what cookie stuffing is, this doesn’t apply to you.

Cookie stuffing is fraud and illegal. Any form of setting cookies / invoking our tracking system in the background, without the customer/visitor actually clicking a link, will result in your account being terminated immediately and all outstanding payments will be canceled. (Harsh? This is how Amazon, Ebay and other big companies handle this as well).