Terms and Conditions

  1. The use of our software and scripts
    • Our software is licensed, not sold.
  2. Generating images, pages and covers
    • BookPublisherTools (and parent company Core Insights) are not accountable and cannot be held liable for the results of your use or misuse of our software and scripts.
  3. We design, develop and test our software and scripts to work without issues. Nevertheless, it’s manual work. In addition to that, you may use combinations of settings for our software that we haven’t imagined before, and which may have unexpected side effects. Therefor we advise you to ALWAYS check the resulting images, pages, covers, or any other files resulting from the use of the software, and to verify that the results are correct
  4. In many cases our software is intended for use with market leaders in the Print on Demand business. We have designed and tested the software to be in line with their requirements. However, we can never guarantee that the files resulting from use of our software will always be accepted by these market leaders. Their requirements may change, may sometimes be interpreted in different ways, and on top of that, they may use manual  checks or verifications of the uploaded files, in which case a human may decide that seemingly correct files are not correct.
  5. Abusing the results of our software (i.e. images, covers, other types of files) can result in disciplinary action by POD (Print on Demand) suppliers against your account. Do not (I repeat: Do not) use this software to mass upload or spam POD sites. They do not appreciate it.