Puzzle Maker Pro Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.1

Changes in v2022.1.0

  • Sudoku Multidokus 2 has been added. This module offers Sensei, Gattai, Flower, Cross and Windmill variations (based on the 9×9 sudoku grid)
  • Second (‘legacy’) installer added. Because the new installer doesn’t seem to work for every user, the older one will be added as a backup installer in the member area. It will install the same version of Puzzle Maker Pro, but installs it slightly different.
  • Big change to Time Saver for Sudoku – it will now show dropdown menus the Sudoku type (grid size) and for the variation (“Regular”, “Twins”). This way you only add rows to the table that you will actually use. (And it prevents the table from getting huge, when more variations are added)

Changes in v2022.1.3

  • Small change to Sudoku Multidokus 2 – Windmill, fixes a printing error

Changes in v2022.1.4

  • Fixed: Error when you select the Very Easy puzzles for the Windmill variation

Changes in v2022.1.5

  • Fixed: the use of custom difficulty titles.
  • Fixed: in some cases the difficulty titles were shifted one level. This has been fixed.

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