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Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.2

Changes in v2022.2.0

  • Big change for Sudoku 9×9 Creative, Sudoku Kids Edition and Sudoku Variations: All the (2D) sudokus, except Sudoku 9×9 Standard, are now available in Sudoku Variations (FREE UPDATE).
    This means that you can now mix and match all these sudoku types in your puzzle books, using the Time Saver for Sudoku in the Sudoku Variations module!
  • Added: Sudoku 4×4 and Sudoku 6×6 formats can now be used with Roman Numericals as well (FREE UPDATE), as part of the Sudoku Variations module
  • Sudoku Small Squares Variations has been added. This module offers Twins, Triathlons (2 Variants) and Sensei variations for the 4×4, 6×6 and 8×8 grids
  • Pre-release update v2022.2.1: Small issue with drawing of lines for Small Squares Variations fixed

Changes in v2022.2.2

  • Fixed: License info in Sudoku Variations now correctly shows the “Sudoku Small Squares Variations”
  • New feature: Cross Sum – Clues: Now you can display 1 to 3 clues to create easier puzzles. The clues will be in different rows / columns
  • New feature: Generic – Puzzle Nr: Now you can set at which puzzle you want the numbering to start. This is useful if you want a consecutive list of puzzles, created in several sessions. (This is for the actual files, in addition to the existing feature to adjust the numbers in the puzzle titles).

Changes in v2022.2.3

Fixed: For Sudoku 9×9 (Standard and Creative), for level 4 (‘Hard’) the solutions sometimes didn’t match the puzzles. (There was no problem with the puzzles themselves).

Changes in v2022.2.4

Fixed: Sudoku Large Squares 2 in combination with Instant Puzzle Books: for 18×18 puzzles the titles were not printed correctly.

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