Graphics Bundle 2019

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Surface Pattern Design – Patterns from Clip-art – Tangle / Doodle / Geometric Patterns – Commercial License

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Graphics Bundle 2019 – Product Information


This bundle contains our main software products. These products have been first released in 2019 (hence the name) but have had several updates already and will receive updates in the future.

  • POD Pattern Maker Complete: Surface pattern design – create good looking patterns from your own clipart
  • POD Graphics Maker XL: Create beautiful abstract patterns – no creative talent required
  • Tiling Tool: Quickly fill a canvas with a single tile – includes rotation and colorization options

Ease of Use

You get three separate apps (MS Windows only) that you can download, install and use on your own computer.

Products in This Bundle

POD Graphics Maker XL Edition
Tiling Tool
POD Pattern Maker Complete Edition

Graphics Bundle 2019 – Video Overview

POD Graphics Maker Overview

Simple Shapes Pattern (Pack 4)

Labyrinth Pattern (Starting Pack)

Image Mosaics (Pack 3)

Zooming and Panning in POD Graphics Maker

Using a Mask in POD Graphics Maker

POD Pattern Maker Complete Edition

Tiling Tool Overview

Graphics Bundle 2019 – Feature Summary

POD Graphics Maker

POD Graphics Maker XL with 40 different Pattern Styles

POD Pattern Maker

POD Pattern Maker Complete – multi-layer and colorization options

Tiling Tool

Tiling Tool

Full Commercial Rights

Use, sell or give away the graphics you create

Optimized for Windows (10/11)

The software can be used on MS Windows 7 or higher. It’s only available on Mac when you use Virtualbox, Parallels or another virtual Windows platform

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products