Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver Bundle

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Get all the current and future Time Saver Add-on’s to create your puzzles and puzzle books faster – Advanced Layouts – Instant Puzzle Books

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Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver Bundle – Product Information


The Time Saver Add-On’s are available for almost every puzzle type in Puzzle Maker Pro.

With the Time Saver Add-On you can:

  • Create several puzzle variations at once – e.g. different sudoku types and difficulty levels, different maze sizes, different word lists for word search
  • Use more flexible grid layouts for your puzzle and solution pages, with up to 10×10 puzzles / solutions per page. For Word Search specific layout options are available.

Why is there a Time Saver Add-On?

Puzzle Maker Pro is first and primary a puzzle generator, which lots of customization options to generate your puzzles. As a courtesy, Puzzle Maker Pro can also generate Instant Puzzle Books in PDF or Powerpoint format. These puzzle books have basic layouts, and can be published as print books or printables.

The Time Saver will save you time when you create more complex puzzle books, with more variety and more puzzles per page. The name “Time Saver” was suggested by our customers: Although you can easily compose your puzzle books manually, the Time Savers will save you a lot of time by doing this automatically.

With this bundle you’ll never need to buy a Time Saver Add-On for any of the current or future puzzle types.

Ease of Use

Open the Time Saver tab in Puzzle Maker Pro, to set up the puzzles you want to generate.

  • Click the “Use Time Saver” option to activate the Time Saver
  • The Time Saver will use the style settings for the current puzzle setup in addition to the Time Saver settings
  • Click “Create (TS)” to create a puzzle book using the Time Saver

Additional you can set up your page layout on the “Instant Puzzle Books” -> “Page Layout” tab.

Note: Each puzzle type has it’s own Time Saver module that will look different (depending on the puzzle type). The screenshots shown on this page are examples from existing Time Savers.

Bundle Information

This bundle contains the following products:

Puzzle Maker Pro – Time Saver Bundle – Feature Summary


All Time Savers are Add-On’s – You’ll need puzzle modules to make them work

Additional Layout options

Use layout grids up to 10×10 puzzles or solutions

Word Puzzle Layouts

Additional word puzzle layouts


Create Puzzle Books with collated puzzles and solutions

Mix Puzzles

Mix puzzles with different sizes and difficulty levels (for most puzzles)

Use Puzzle Presets

Create a book from your own prepared puzzle presets

Time Saver Presets

Save your presets to reuse in later sessions

Similar Books

Create multiple books with the same structure and puzzle setup

Product Details Puzzle Maker Pro Instant Puzzle Books Purchase Information Free / Demo Products