Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2023.4

Changes in v2023.4.0

New modules added:

  • Sudoku Multidokus 3: Seven new sudoku variations

Changes in v2023.4.0.1


  • Mazes 3D Isometric: Start/End images were not correctly imported from presets. This is fixed now.

Changes in v2023.4.0.2


  • Time Saver for Word Search did not correctly apply the ‘Remove Characters’ settings from the used Presets. This is fixed now.

Changes in v2023.4.0.3


  • Time Saver for Sudoku – Error when leaving the Puzzle Title empty (in Instant Puzzle Books -> Titles Setup -> Puzzle Title Settings). This is fixed now.

Changes in v2023.4.1


  • Sudoku Variations – Image resize slider to make images smaller (not always filling the squares for 100%). Available for all sudoku types that can use images.

Changes in v2023.4.2 / v2023.4.2.1


  • Time Saver for Standard Word Search: Puzzle Numbering fixed, this will now number the puzzles continuously, instead of starting at 1 for each word list.

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