Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.7

Changes in v2022.7

  • New puzzle modules Mazes 2D Oblique and Mazes 2D Other Shapes added
  • New puzzle module Mazes 2D Squares added (free 2022 upgrade if you have Standard Mazes or Standard and Shaped Mazes)
  • Font Selection – default lettercase is not Uppercase, the font preview panel has added text “Click Here to Edit”
  • Puzzle Type dropdown menu order has changed – the generic 2022 modules Sudoku Variations and Mazes 2D are listed at the top now

Changes in v2022.7.0.1

  • Mazes 2D Tiles – Fixed: Slight overlap of square tiles in puzzle

Changes in v2022.7.0.2

  • Connect the Dots – Fixed: Issue with saving path properties in complex puzzles

Changes in v2022.7.1

  • Mazes 2D Tiles – Added: You can now automatically use a mask image as a background image

Changes in v2022.7.1.1

License checks fixed:

  • Mazes 2D – Masks for Squares, Oblique and Other Shapes will be enabled when you have Standard and Shaped Mazes
  • Latin Squares – Demo version didn’t work, this is fixed.

Changes in v2022.7.1.2

  • Mazes 2D – Fixed: Error when using a transparent fill for circles

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