Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.4

Changes in v2022.4.0.1

  • New puzzle module Mazes 3D Isometric added

Changes in v2022.4.0.2

  • Fix: the new module tried to access the D: drive for test output. This would result in an error if you don’t have a D: drive. This has been fixed.

Changes in v2022.4.1 / 2022.4.1.1

Mazes 3D Isometric: 3 new built-in maps:

  • “Staircase 2” – mirror image of Staircase
  • “Random Mix” – will randomly pick one of the other built-in maps. That means you can create a set of 3D mazes with randomly chosen maps with one mouse-click. Or create an Instant Puzzle Book with randomly chosen 3D maps
  • “Random Mix Not Flat” – Will randomly pick one of the other built-in 3D maps but not the flat isometric map

Changes in v2022.4.1.2

  • Fixed: Image size (JPG/PNG) for Random Mix options. (it didn’t take into account that the sizes of the puzzles can vary. It does now.

Changes in v2022.4.1.3

  • Fixed: Mazes 3D Isometric – the S and E symbols were sometimes printed too small (depending on the image size settings. This has been fixed
  • Updated: Mazes 3D Isometric – the solution path now stops before it overlaps with the S and E symbols

Changes in v2022.4.2

  • Mazes 3D Isometric: Changed – The Start and End letters and images will be printed bigger than before, to make them more visible.
    (Note: You may need to adjust colors to make sure the letters or images are visible in the maze.)
  • Instant Puzzle Books: Changed – Improved algorithm to find the font file when you select a font. That means you won’t have to select it manually.
    Note: On my computer there are still a few cases where the font name is completely different from the filename and it cannot be matched.

Changes in v2022.4.2.1

  • Mazes 2D Tiles: Fixed – Solution Path line was starting at the top left corner instead of the start tile.

Changes in v2022.4.2.2

  • Mazes 3D Isometric: Fixed – Height Map Editor could crash if no cell/square was selected to apply the “Do It” changes to

Changes in v2022.4.3

ALL Modules: A big change in the way the configuration settings are saved, because some users were losing the configs when they upgraded to new versions. In the new version the configuration (e.g. JPG/PNG settings, output location, instant puzzle book settings, etc) is saved at a fixed location, regardless of which installer or (newer) version you are using.

Changes in v2022.4.3.1

  • Mazes 3D Isometric: Fixed – crash when “Longest Path” algorithm was used. This could make the software crash when creating an Instant Puzzle Book.

Changes in v2022.4.3.2

  • Mazes 2D Tiles: Fixed – if start/end tiles had different dimensions than the other tiles, they would be printed incorrectly. (Example: if the regular tiles are 100×100 pixels and the start/end tiles are 500×500). This has been corrected, start/end tiles will be resized to the regular tile size before printing.

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