Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.13

Changes in v2022.13

  • Preparation for Word Squares module
  • All word puzzles: Puzzle Maker Pro will remember the word list folder during the session. E.g. if you select a certain word file in Word Search, and then go to Zig Zag Word Search and select a word file, you’ll be automatically taken to the same folder.
  • Additional menu added to quickly take you to the right puzzle type (in addition to the dropdown menu which gets a bit chaotic with so many puzzle modules)

Time Saver for Word Star

  • The Time Saver for Word Star is a new module
  • You can use multiple word lists, and set a maximum for the number of puzzles (e.g. if you have a list of 10000 words, but only need 300 puzzles)
  • Use the generic grid layouts for Instant Puzzle Books
  • Optionally add a description to each word, to be printed just above the puzzle. (Specified as word:description, e.g. “Portugal:Country in Europe”)

Change in v2022.13.0.1

Zig Zag Word Search:

  • Fixed: Save Preview did not save the word list.

Changes in v2022.13.1

  • New puzzle module Word Squares added

Changes in v2022.13.2

Connect the Dots:

  • Additional start dot option: regular dot
  • Added: End dot as x

Changes in v2022.13.3

Mazes 2D Tiles

  • Added: An option is added to use multiple start/end tiles (the s- and e- tiles), to create even further variation in your tile mazes

Changes in v2022.13.4

Instant Puzzle Books:

  • Added: new option remove the Sudoku puzzle type (e.g. “Sudoku X”) from the title (you can find this on the Instant Puzzle Books -> Titles Setup tab (in the Title Options group)
  • Added: Skip areas from the grid layout, in the general layouts. To do this, go to the Instant Puzzle Books -> Page Layout tab, select a Puzzles Layout grid larger than 1×1 (for example 2×2), and click one of the gray boxes.
    This can be useful if you don’t want a page filled with puzzles, and if you want to add some of your own content to each page

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