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Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.12

Changes in v2022.12

  • New puzzle modules Zig Zag Word Search, Zig Zag Word Search Extras Add-On, Zig Zag Word Search Random Shapes

Changes in v2022.12.0.1

Zig Zag Word Search Changes:

  • Import/load preset fixed
  • Changed: when not enough letters present for the puzzle, it will add the filler letters or blank squares. (This way you can see clearly that the word list needs to be fixed)
  • Statistics tab added, that shows the required number of letters and the available number of words and letters
  • Demo set of words added for a 10×10 grid, so you can see a preview right away

Changes in v2022.12.0.2

Zig Zag Word Search Update:

  • “Unlimited Fills” option added. This way you can create Zig Zag Word Search puzzles with just a few words and many fills. Please keep in mind that customers may not expect this (since Zig Zag Word Search puzzles usually don’t use fill characters), and also that these puzzles may be very difficult to solve.

Changes in v2022.12.1

Zig Zag Word Search:

  • “Words Snake” puzzle added, this is a free update for the Extras Add-On. Words Snake is similar to Zig Zag, but has all the words (no fills!) placed on one continous line through the grid (while Zag Zag has the words placed randomly). Available for Squares and Diagonals, and for Random Shapes if you have the Random Shapes module.

Changes in v2022.12.2

Zig Zag Word Search:

  • Time Saver is available. This should work similar to the Time Saver for the regular Word Search. Although this has been tested rather extensively, please report if you find any issues

Sudoku Variations

  • Hex format added to the symbol options. Hex number will (obviously) only work for sudoku with 10 or more numbers. For sudoku with up to 15 squares, it will use one character (1-9, A-F), for larger sudokus it will use 2 characters (00-0F,10-19)

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