LCB Book Creator- Reseller – White Label

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Sell your own software – Powerpoint-based software to create low content books – Works with CSV input file – Reseller / White Label License.

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LCB Book Creator - Source Code

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LCB Book Creator – Reseller – White Label – Product Information


Now you can sell your own Powerpoint-based software, by licensing our -LCB Book Creator software.

With LCB Book Maker – Reseller / White Label you get a Powerpoint file (PPTM) with scripts to generate Low Content Books.

The LCB Book Maker can create for you and your customers:

  • Journals / Planners / Logbooks
  • Social Media images
  • Book Covers
  • Anything else you can image

The LCB BookMaker uses a Powerpoint template file (that you can design yourself) and text files in CSV format (Comma Separated Variable length). It can even generate a demo template and text file for you, to quickly get started with your designs.

What do you get:

  • Customised scripts with your brand name, delivered as a Powerpoint file (Powerpoint for Windows!)
  • Small customisations on request
  • Reseller license – you can sell this Powerpoint file to your audience, with a sugested retail price of $47-$77, or give it away as part of a paid membership
  • 1 year support

What do you have to do:

  • Determine the sale price for your product
  • Create a sales page
  • Create tutorial videos (using your own customised product)
  • Handle questions from your customers (first line support)

If you are looking for custom Powerpoint-based software products, get in touch with [email protected]

Ease of Use

After purchase, you can download the demo version of this product in the member area. The download includes instructions for customisation. Customisation and fulfilment are manual.

You can create your own landing page or sales page, and tutorials, which should include the custom product name (and company) that you selected.

The macros in the Powerpoint file will be password protected, direct access to the macros is available in the “Book Creator – Source Code” product.


Tutorials for this product:

LCB Book Creator – Reseller – White Label


LCB Book Creator – Reseller – White Label – Video Overview

Create Images with LCB Book Creator

LCB Book Creator – Reseller – White Label – Feature Summary

Add-In included

The retail version of the add-in is included, for you to use

Customised Product

You will get a customised, unique product, for you to sell

Custom Branding

Name and logo will be custom for your brand and business


You will get 1 year ‘2nd line’ support – Answering your questions and updates

New Product

This is a brand new product relying on existing, proven code

Custom Software

This is custom, proprietary software, not open source code


You get a license to resell the product

Create Journals

Quickly create full journals in Powerpoint from your templates

Create Logbooks

Quickly create full logbooks in Powerpoint from your templates

Create Planners

Quickly create full planners in Powerpoint from your templates

Create Memes

By using images and quotes you can quickly generate 100’s or 1000’s of memes

Consistent Social Media Images

Generate consistent social media images with your own style and layout

Productivity Tool

Save yourself a lot of time on repeating, dull tasks

Consistent Layout

Automated use of templates will make your layout tight and consistent

Installed Powerpoint Only

You need to have Powerpoint installed on your computer

Windows Only

The add-in only works with Powerpoint for Windows

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products