Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2023.0

A new version number at the start of the year.

Changes in v2023.0

  • Standard Word Search: Hide Vowels option added (Advanced tab)

Changes in v2023.0.1

  • Letter Dice: error when generating Instant Puzzle books fixed

Changes in v2023.0.1.2-v2023.0.1.4

  • Bingo: Options for headings for bingo sheets and calling cards added

Changes in v2023.0.2

  • Beta version for Word Puzzles

Changes in v2023.0.2.1

  • Font Setup window: crash when changing font settings in special situations fixed.

Changes in v2023.0.2.2

  • Instant Puzzle Books – Recalculated the maximum font size for titles
  • Font Settings – added a ‘Control’ tab where you can set the maximum font size for titles. This allows you to have a large area for the titles, but still limit the size to e.g. a 36 pt font

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