Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2022.10

Changes in v2022.10.0 / v2022.10.0.1

  • New puzzle module Mazes 2D Patchwork Bricks

Changes in v2022.10.0.2

  • Mazes 2D Tiles – Fixed: When working with 0-tiles, it could happen that the start or end point conflicted with a 0-tile, resulting in a maze with no solution.

Changes in v2022.10.0.3

  • Mazes 3D Isometric – Fixed: Using transparent background for mazes, while saving as JPG images, would result in a black canvas.

Changes in v2022.10.0.4 / v2022.10.0.5

  • Mazes 2D Tiles – Fixed: With some irregular maze formats, e.g. 17×11, there could be a small 1-pixel gap between tiles, when generating the maze.

Changes in v2022.10.1

  • Mazes 2D (all modules): The solution path will now start at the center of the start square, and end at the center of the end square.

Changes in v2022.10.2/v2022.10.2.1

  • Time Saver for Sudoku: New “Layout options” added, allowing you to select different page layouts for different sudoku types. Tutorial: https://help.bookpublishertools.com/faqs/time-saver-layout-options.

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