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Create Latin Squares / Mini-Sudoku Puzzles – 7 puzzle sizes – with letters, images and colors – Unlimited Puzzles – Instant Puzzle Books – Commercial Use

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Puzzle Maker Pro - Latin Squares Creative Product Information


With Puzzle Maker Pro – Latin Squares Creative you can create unique and fun logic puzzles with Letters, Roman Numericals, Images and Colors.

Latin Squares puzzles are also known as mini-sudoku, as well as by some other names. The goal of the puzzle is to place unique numbers or symbols in each row or column. For example in a 4 by 4 puzzle, you’ll need to place the number 1 to 4 once in each row or column.

The difference with Sudoku is that are are no sub-grids or regions that you have to pay attention to. That makes this puzzle easier to learn, especially for kids.

The rules to solve these puzzles are similar to sudoku, and the difficulty levels have been graded likewise.

You can use your own images, select your own colors, or use the built-in defaults. Of course you can change the font, font color and line colors for the puzzles, to create your own style.

Puzzle Maker Pro – Latin Squares Creative can create puzzles in 7 sizes, from 3×3 up to 9×9. The number of difficulty levels depends on the grid size.

You get 28 different puzzles types in this single module – 7 sizes and 4 display options for each size.

Last but not least, you can create Instant Puzzle Books with Latin Squares puzzles. With the Time Saver add-on you can even create a puzzle book with several grid sizes and difficulty levels.

Easy of Use

It’s easy: Just click “Next Preview” or click “Create” and you’ll see a fresh Latin Squares puzzle using the default settings.

Easily change from letters to images or colors, and preview the results, or create and save the puzzles on your computer.

You can change the grid size to create larger or smaller puzzles, and change the difficulty level to make the puzzles easier or harder.

When you use images or colors, the puzzles are actually a bit more difficult to solve, compared to letters or numbers, please keep that in mind when creating your puzzle books.

Change the font and colors to create your own style, and save the puzzles as a preset for later use or reuse.

Video overview of Puzzle Maker Pro - Latin Squares Creative

Puzzle Maker Pro - Latin Squares Creative - Feature Summary

Logic Puzzles

Create Sudoku-like logic puzzles

Use Sudoku Logic

Solve the puzzles with sudoku-like logic, such as hidden singles, pairs, doubles, etc

Grid Size

You can choose a grid size from 3×3 up to 9×9

Create Letter Puzzles

You can create Latin Squares puzzles with letters, and you can enter the letters to be used in the puzzle

Create Image Puzzles

You can create Latin Squares puzzles with your own images

Create Color Puzzles

You can create Latin Squares puzzles with colors, and select which colors to use in the puzzle

Difficulty Levels

Multiple difficulty levels, depending on the grid size

Instant Puzzle Books

Use the Puzzle Maker Pro options to generate Instant Puzzle Books in Powerpoint or PDF format

Puzzle Maker Pro Features

All the standard Puzzle Maker Pro features, such as output formats, presets, page setup, and many more…

Output Formats

Create puzzles in any size you need, up to 3000×3000 pixels, in JPG, PNG or Transparent PNG format

Styling Options

Choose any (TrueType) font on your computer, set the font and line colors, and more

Add-On: Time Saver

Create your puzzles and puzzle books faster and better with the Time Saver Add-On.

Latin Squares Product and Bundle Options

Instant Puzzle Books

Instant Puzzle Books – this is what we call the option to create a puzzle book interior with just one click of a button. It couldn’t be easier.

Set up your own puzzle styling, the number of puzzles, and of course the trim size and page layout first. Each time you click “Create”, you’ll get a new unique puzzle book in PDF or Powerpoint format. Regardless of whether you create sudokus, mazes, word search, or any other puzzle type.

Trim Size

Set up any trim size you like. Standard trim sizes such as 6″x9″ or 8.5″x11″, your own trim size from 4″x4″ to 15″x15″. Layouts will automatically be adjusted to the trim size.


Set your own margins, optionally even mirror the margins. This will allow you to have the right gutter margin on each page.

Output Format

Choose to get your output as PDF, Powerpoint PPTX, or even a JPG image for each page. Using the Trim Size and Margins you set up.

Custom Numbering

Choose custom numbering if you want to create parts of puzzle books, or you want your puzzle books to have consecutive numbering

Title Settings

Customize the Puzzle and Solution Titles, to create puzzle books in different languages, or just to create your own style. “Awesome Sudoku #13”

Title Size

Change the size of the title, to create more or less space for the puzzle. Font size will be automatically adjusted

Time Saver Add-On

The Time Saver is an add-on that will allow you to create more complex puzzle books – puzzles with different puzzle settings, puzzle books with different layouts… Because each puzzle type is different, there’s a Time Saver Add-On for each puzzle type, and a Time Saver Bundle if you want to have all current and future Time Saver Add-On’s.

Batch Puzzle Creator

The Time Saver will help you to create more puzzles much faster. For example multiple difficulty levels for sudoku, or multiple maze sizes, or different word lists for Word Search

More Layout Options

Set up a layout with multiple puzzles or solutions per page. 1×2, 2×2, up to 10×10. This way you can print puzzles a bit larger, e.g. 2 per page, and solutions a lot smaller, e.g. 12 per page, because most people don’t use the solutions anyway

Title Size

Change the size of the title, to create more or less space for the puzzle. Font size will be automatically adjusted

Details and screenshots for the Time Saver Add-On’s can be found on the product page for each Time Saver. In general there’s one different Time Saver Add-On for each puzzle type.

This module works as part of the Puzzle Maker Pro family, our framework for almost all the puzzle modules. It offers additional functionality in a standardized way. Once you use one of the puzzle modules, each next module feels like ‘coming home’. Some basic, but many advanced features to help you to be productive.

Output Settings

  • Save the puzzles as JPG, PNG or transparent PNG images, at 300 DPI (commercial print quality) or 96 DPI (web).
  • (SVG output for all puzzle modules is planned for 2022)
  • You control in which folder the puzzles and other generated products will be saved. This includes automatic subfolders by date, puzzle type or project name
  • Puzzles and solutions will be created as separate files on your computer. This allows you to use these puzzles anywhere and any way you want

Standardized Color and Font Pickers

Most modules now work with our custom Color and Font pickers.

BookPublisherTools Color Picker
The Puzzle Maker Pro Color Dialog, with presets, HSL and Hex options

Preset System

You can save puzzle settings (and many other settings) as a preset, to be used for different projects or books.

This makes it even easier to maintain your unique styling.

Puzzle Maker Pro Summary

  • Easy to use for novices, with lots of options and features for experienced puzzle makers and book publishers
  • Save and load your own presets for even faster workflow
  • Create your own puzzles at 300 PDI JPG / PNG for professional printing
  • Create your puzzle books in JPG, PDF or Powerpoint format
  • Optional: Time Saver extension for more advanced layouts and options
  • Set your own trim size and margins for easy puzzle book publishing
  • Optimized for MS Windows, works with MS Windows 7 and newer
  • It will work on Parallels, Virtualbox etc on a Mac as well
  • Full commercial rights for everything you create
  • Helpful and quick customer support
  • Regular updates and improvements
  • One-time payment, no on-going monthly fees

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For Puzzle Maker Pro there’s a free demo version available.

Please try the demo before purchasing any of the modules, to make sure it will work on your computer. The demo version has almost full functionality, but it will create watermarked puzzles. (The demo version does not include the Time Saver modules and the SVG Edition for Connect the Dots).

You can get access on this page: Puzzle Maker Pro – Demo