Instant Puzzle Books

Instant Puzzle Books – that’s our name for the option to create puzzle books (actually: book interiors) in PDF and Powerpoint format.

To be clear: Puzzle maker Pro is first and for all a puzzle generator. As a courtesy, you can also generate simple puzzle books.

If that’s not enough (for you), for most puzzle modules there’s a Time Saver add-on, that will add additional options.

Output Formats

Choose to get your output as PDF, Powerpoint PPTX, or even a JPG image for each page.

The Instant Puzzle Book will be saved in the Project output location that you set.

Trim Size

Trim Size, the size of the pages in your book, can be set up as you wish.

Standard trim sizes such as 6″x9″ or 8.5″x11″, your own trim size from 4″x4″ to 15″x15″.

Layouts will automatically be adjusted to the trim size: Puzzles on a 6″x9″ page will be smaller than puzzles on an 8.5″x11″ page.

Page Layout


Some book printers, e.g. KDP, have minimum requirements for the margins in your book. Additionally you may have your own styling requirements.

  • Custom Margins: You can set your own margins for Instant Puzzle Books. Default settings are 0.5″ on each side.
  • Mirrored margins: This allows you to have fixed inner (gutter) and outer margins.

Grid Layout

The Instant Puzzle Books will have one puzzle or solution on each page. In many cases this is a great layout, for example for Word Search or Connect the Dots puzzles.

However, there are some additional layout options that are unlocked by the Time Saver (for each puzzle type):

  • Flexible Layout Grids (Time Saver only): Set up the layout as you wish, from 1×1 up to 10×10 puzzles or solutions per page, and customize the padding between rows and columns
  • Collation (Time Saver only): Collate the puzzles and solutions, and optionally select different layouts for puzzles and solutions. For example 6 puzzles per page and 12 solutions per page. (This can only be done when Collation is selected)
  • Enable/ Disable Layout Areas: With the Time Saver Add-On, you can switch off certain cells in the layout grid, allowing you to add your own (fixed) content in those areas.
    For example, you can set up a grid with 3 rows and 2 columns, and disable one of the areas in the top row. This will allow you to add your own content (graphics, rules, score cards) in that area in Powerpoint or PDF.
  • Word Puzzle Layouts: Word Puzzles like Word Search or Cross Words, where a word list is printed alongside the puzzle, have different layout options. The regular grid layouts are not available for these puzzles, but they can be used for the solutions

Title Setup

  • Title Text: Customize the Puzzle and Solution Titles, to create puzzle books in different languages, or just to create your own style. “Awesome Sudoku #13”
  • Title Size: Change the size of the title, to create more or less space for the puzzle. Font size will be automatically adjusted. (By default, the Title Size is 20% of the available space for each puzzle or solution)
  • Numbering
    • Automatic Numbering: Puzzles and solutions in your puzzle book will automatically be numbered, where the solution numbers correspond to the puzzle numbers
    • Custom Numbering: Optionally you can use custom numbering, for example if you want to create separate parts (or chapters) for your puzzle books, that don’t start at 1.