Maze Tile Set 1 – Plain and Geometric

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Add-On for Mazes 2D Tiles – 534 different tiles to generate your own unique mazes – Different size paths and geometric shapes – Includes Templates

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Maze Tile Set 1 – Plain and Geometric – Product Information


This Tile Set includes 544 different tiles and templates to create your own mazes.

You can use these tiles directly in Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Tiles to generate mazes, use other maze maker software, or use the templates to draw your own tiles in Photoshop, Affinity or with other software.

The tiles are in PNG format with 500×500 pixels.

There are different path sizes included, ranging from 10% (of 500 pixels) to 90%, each of the path types giving a completely different look and feel of the maze.

The set also includes several mixed sets, to create unpredictable fun mazes.

Ease of Use

Select Mazes 2D Tiles in Puzzle Maker Pro

Then select the folder with the tiles you want to use

Click “Next Preview” to generate a maze


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Maze Tile Set 1 – Plain and Geometric – Feature Summary

534 Tiles

The complete set consists of 528 different path tiles and 6 start/end tiles

500 px Tiles

Tiles are 500×500 pixels, and will be reduced in size when generating a maze

5 Tile Sets

Tiles are grouped based on the path size, as a percentage of the tile size

Path Sizes

Included are paths with 10%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% of the tile size

3 Geometric Shapes

The tile centers consist of just the path, or a circle, square or diamond

Editable Shapes

You can use graphics software to customize or edit the tiles and create your own set


Templates are included, so you can easily draw your own tiles from scratch

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products