Maze Tile Set 3 – Hand-Drawn

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Add-On for Mazes 2D Tiles – 91 different hand-drawn maze tiles, 10 unique calligraphed start/end symbols – manually designed – 12 sets mixed and separate

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Maze Tile Set 3 – Hand-Drawn – Product Information


This Tile Set includes 91 different hand-drawn tiles in 12 sets – separate and mixed.

You can use these tiles directly in Puzzle Maker Pro – Mazes 2D Tiles to generate mazes, use other maze maker software.

9 Different styles, hand-drawn by our talented designer (These are NOT some rehashed public domain graphics).

10 Calligraphed Start/End symbols

Bonus: 10 Script Font Start/End symbols

The tiles are in PNG format with 500×500 pixels.

Ease of Use

Select Mazes 2D Tiles in Puzzle Maker Pro

Then select the folder with the tiles you want to use

Click “Next Preview” to generate a maze


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Maze Tile Set 3 – Hand-Drawn – Feature Summary

91 MazeTiles

The complete set consists of 91 different path tiles

500 px Tiles

Tiles are 500×500 pixels, and will be reduced in size when generating a maze

9 Tile Sets

Nine tile sets with different styles

3 Mixed Sets

Three sets with mixed tile sets for surprising mazes

10 Unique Start/End Symbols

Ten calligraphed unique start/end tiles

10 Bonus Start/End Symbols

Ten additional script font start/end tiles

New Designs

The tiles are brand new designs, specifically made for Mazes 2D Tiles

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products