Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2024.2

Changes in v2024.2


  • Crossword Variations – Acrostic Column


  • Dynamic Output Size for images (uses the current puzzle size for Instant Puzzle Books)
  • Image Settings – Additional options to create images for social media with a header and watermark. This option is available as part of the generic Output Settings.
    (This was available in Letterbox already). This will be rolled out to most puzzle types this year
  • Dictionary add-on: Improved performance for the built-in dictionary – it will only retrieve the required words / descriptions for your puzzle, directly from the server. (It will not load and store in memory the entire English dictionary we provide)


  • Sudoku 9×9 Nonconsecutive – Issues with puzzle drawing
  • Sudoku 6×6 – Fixed ‘too easy’ puzzles for difficulty level 1 Very Easy
  • Sudoku Multidokus 3 – Fixed the menu option, which showed ‘Sudoku Variations (Demo)’ if this was the only sudoku module that’s licensed

Changes in v2024.2.1

Acrostic Column – Changes:

  • Added option to choose a secret word from the word list (in addition to the #secret tag)
  • Added options to control the Title and Description in the Image output

Changes in v2024.2.2

Letterbox – Changes:

  • ‘Image’ output settings added – The ‘Social’ tab options have been replaced with the ‘Image Output’ options, that can be found on the Output tab in Puzzle Maker Pro
  • Letter case options added: Uppercase / Lowercase / Random 1 / Random 2. This overrides the font settings for letter case. With “Random 1”, uppercase and lowercase will be considered identical, e.g. “A” = “a”. This is useful for kids puzzles, to teach them the letters. With “Random 2”, uppercase and lowercase are different. This allows for words with duplicate letters, e.g. “LEVEL” would be a valid word.

Changes in v2024.2.2.1

Word Search – Instant Puzzle Books – Changes:

  • Layout optimisation – margins between puzzles, word lists and solutions improved.

Changes in v2024.2.3 / 2024.2.3.1

Word Puzzles – Word Scramble, Word Guess, Easy Cryptograms

  • Complete redesign of these modules with improved graphics and layout options
  • Instant Puzzle Book options for these modules changed, will now work with images only (JPG/PNG), just like all other puzzles
  • Time Saver fixed

Crossword Variations

  • Changes: Dictionary tab moved to main Puzzle Maker Pro tabs, for future integration with other puzzles.

Changes in v2024.2.4

Letter Control Settings

  • Changes: ‘Remove Spaces’ and ‘Remove Other Chars’ settings have been moved to the main ‘Dictionary’ tab, to help you ensure style consistency for all puzzles where this applies (Standard Word Search, Zig Zag Word Search, Word Squares, Crossword, Letterbox)

Word Puzzles (Word Scramble, Word Guess, Easy Cryptograms)

  • Fixed: “Fixed Font Size” option for image output.

Easy Cryptograms

  • Fixed: Error when number of lines in the key table was more than 2

Standard Word Search

  • Changed: text in used word log file adjusted

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