Puzzle Maker Pro Updates Software Updates

Puzzle Maker Pro v2024.1

Changes in v2024.1


  • Letterbox

Changes in v2024.1.1-2024.1.2

Word Search / Instant Puzzle Books

  • Title size consistency – all titles for puzzles resp titles will have the same font size
  • Word list line spacing – has been increased to 1.1 for better reading. However, since it’s set to a fixed value, you’ll have to change it when you change the font size manually (in powerpoint)

Instant Puzzle Books changes

  • Bold titles: You can use the bold option in the font settings for the titles

Change in v2024.1.3

Mask Editor for Mazes 2D

  • Fixed: Mask not rendering properly.

Changes in v2024.1.4-v2024.1.5

Instant Puzzle Books:

  • Puzzle Title Alignment fixed for titles in puzzle books
  • When no titles are printed, there will be no space reserved for the title, resulting in larger space and slightly different alignment for puzzles

Geometric Mazes:

  • Slight change in file names, which fixes the order of the puzzles in puzzle books
  • Fixed: number of rows for circles in the Time Saver – this will now work exactly the same as without the Time Saver.

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