Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column

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Create Secret Word puzzles from your own word lists – Includes clue editor, AI Dictionary and Instant Puzzle Books – Personal / POD License.

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Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column – Product Information


Discover “Puzzle Maker Pro – Acrostic Column,” the definitive tool for crafting captivating crossword puzzles with ease and speed. Whether you’re an established puzzle book author or a creative individual looking to delve into the world of word puzzles, this software is designed to streamline your creation process.

Effortless Puzzle Creation: Transform your custom word lists into unique, engaging Acrostic puzzles in mere seconds. With the intuitive design of Puzzle Maker Pro, generating an entire book’s worth of puzzles happens in less than a minute—freeing up your time to focus on what matters most: your content.

Tailored Thematic Puzzles: Elevate your puzzles by theming them according to your content’s needs. Puzzle Maker Pro gives you the power to craft Acrostic puzzles that resonate with specific audiences, events, or educational topics, making each puzzle a targeted experience.

Styling and Personalization: Make your mark with fully customizable styling options. Puzzle Maker Pro lets you infuse your brand or personal style into every puzzle, ensuring that they are as aesthetically pleasing as they are intellectually stimulating.

Dynamic Clue Editing: Fine-tune your puzzles with dynamic clue editing. Provide unique hints for each word to keep your puzzles fresh and your users intrigued. With the ability to edit clues before or after creation, you maintain complete creative control.

AI-Integrated Dictionary: Leverage the integrated AI-based dictionary to add automatic clues and hints to your words. This feature simplifies your workflow and enhances the puzzle-solving experience with smart and relevant clues.

You can also use your own custom dictionary, if you have one, for English or for other languages.

Use any language for your puzzles – no built-in restrictions for languages or character sets

Time-Saving Enhancements: For the ultimate in efficiency, opt for the Time Saver add-on. Expand your design options, enjoy a multitude of page layouts, and experiment with blending multiple word lists for even richer content.

Versatile Publishing Options: With Puzzle Maker Pro, you’re equipped to publish directly to KDP, create printables for Etsy, or design full-page puzzles for personal or commercial use. Your puzzle interiors will stand out, whether they’re part of a print-on-demand offering or digital downloads.

For Fun, Education, and Engagement: This isn’t just a tool for creators—it’s for anyone with a love for puzzles. Craft fun experiences for your kids, family, or students. Puzzle Maker Pro – Acrostic Column is your partner in bringing joy and learning to life through the power of puzzles.

Unlock a world of possibilities with Puzzle Maker Pro – Acrostic Column, where every puzzle is a new adventure waiting to be explored. Create, style, and publish with the confidence that comes from a tool that’s as professional as your vision.

Ease of Use

There are several ways to create Acrostic puzzles:

You can start with the themed word lists you already use for Word Search puzzles, and then add clues after generating puzzles.

If you have word lists that include clues, you can include these as well.

One of the challenging aspect of crossword puzzles is writing the clues. With Puzzle Maker Pro – Acrostic Column you get an integrated Clue Editor and an integrated AI-based English Dictionary. After generating the puzzles, you can manually edit the clues, or use the dictionary to automatic complement all the clues, and optionally verify them.

You can also provide your own dictionary (word:clue list) and build a custom dictionary while you create puzzles.

If you’re new to Criss Cross and Crossword puzzles, please read our short tutorial about Crossword creation: How to create Crossword puzzles

Free Demo Version

Experience the power Of Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column With our free demo version. Please note that puzzles And solutions In the demo version will be watermarked. You can test all features and puzzle types.

If you want to try out the Time Saver Add-On, please contact support.

Note: Sales for Puzzle Maker Pro products are final. We strongly suggest to test compatibility with your Windows PC configuration before purchase.


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Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column


Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column – Video Overview

Overview Tutorial

Update v2024.2.5

Puzzle Maker Pro – Secret Word Column – Feature Summary

Acrostic Crossword

Create Acrostic Column (Crossword) puzzles from your own word lists

Word Lists

Copy/paste words or select the file with your word list

Secret Word

Provide one or more secret words for each word list

Clue Editor

Optionally edit your the clues for your words before or after creating a puzzle

Grid Size

Set your own grid size

Clue Verification

Automatically get a warning when words in the puzzles do not have clues

Remove Spaces

Optionally remove spaces and other characters from the words

Minimum Word Count

Set the minimum number of words for each puzzle

Maximum Word Count

Optionally set the maximum number of words for each puzzle

Word List Control

Specify if the word list should be reset between puzzles


Control the placement of the puzzle in the grid

Clue Titles

Customizable clue titles (Across / Down)

Time Saver

Optional Add-On for additional layouts and batch puzzle generation

Dictionary Connection

Connect your own ‘dictionary’ word lists

Integrated AI Dictionary

Find clues with the automatic integrated AI-based dictionary

Time Saver Add On (optional)

Layouts Options

Several additional layouts

Batch Create

Create multiple Crossword puzzle variations in a single batch

Multiple Word Lists

Create puzzles from multiple word lists at once

Merge Word Lists

Combine several word lists together for increased word variety in your puzzles

Puzzle Maker Pro (included)

Select Your Fonts

You can use the TrueType fonts on your computer

Customize Font Position

Using our included font editor, you can optimize the font position and size

Customize Colors

Using our included color setup, you can change font, line and background colors

Preview Puzzle

You can preview the puzzle with your custom styling settings, and zoom in / out to verify the details

Preview Solution

You can also preview the solution details

Create Puzzles on Your Computer

Puzzles and Solutions will be stored on your computer. No need for downloads

Local Storage

Nobody else can spy on your puzzles, everything is stored on your own computer


You can save and load your own presets for each puzzle, to work in several sessions and preserve styling consistency

Puzzle Output Size

Set your own puzzle size, up to 3000 pixels (10” at 300 DPI), for maximum flexibility and efficiency

Puzzle Output Format

Save your puzzles in JPG, PNG or Transparent PNG format (optionally in 4bit format for smaller size)

Custom Output Location

Set up your own output folder structure, including date and custom name placeholders, to manage your projects

Personal License

You can create and print puzzles for your own use, share with your kids and family, in your classroom or with your team

POD License

You can create and print puzzles and puzzle books and sell on Print on Demand platforms such as KDP, or sell as printables


You are responsible for the rights for images you add to the puzzles or puzzle books – you have complete rights for the puzzle books

Optimized for Windows (10/11)

The software can be used on MS Windows 7 or higher.

Options for Mac

Puzzle Maker Pro will only work on a Mac when you use Virtualbox, Parallels or another virtual Windows platform

Instant Puzzle Books (included)

Instant Puzzle Books

Includes with each Puzzle Maker Pro module – Create Puzzle Books with one mouse-click

Output Formats

Your puzzle book can be created in Powerpoint or PDF format, or even as JPG files

Custom DPI Settings

Use 300 DPI for KDP compliant commercial print books, 96 DPI for printables

Default Page Layout

By default a 1×1 layout grid is used for the page layouts

Advanced Page Layout

With the Time Saver Add-On (additional purchase) you can set up your own grid layout, up to 10×10 puzzles

Puzzle Numbering

Puzzles and solutions are numbered and matched in your puzzle book

Custom Puzzle Numbering

Use custom puzzle numbering, to create parts of puzzle books that can be combined later

Trim Size

Set up your own trim size, from 1×1 to 15×15 inch, including KDP formats 6×9, 8×10 and 8.5×11


Set your own page margins to comply with KDP or create your own custom layout

Mirrored Margins

Optionally use mirrored margins, for equal inner and outer margins on left and right pages

Title Setup

Various options to set up titles for your puzzles in your Instant Puzzle Books

Page Layout Customization

With the Time Saver Add-On (additional purchase) you can customize padding between rows and columns in the Instant Puzzle Book

Product DetailsPuzzle Maker ProInstant Puzzle BooksPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products