Puzzle Book Profits – Bonus Product Bundle

$ 57

Bonus products for Andy’s Puzzle Book Profits course – Puzzle Maker Pro modules Sudoku 9×9 Standard and the Time Saver Add-On for Sudoku 9×9

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This product bundle consists of Puzzle Maker Pro – Sudoku 9×9 Standard and the Special Edition Time Saver for Sudoku 9×9.

You can get this bundle free with the puzzle book course “Puzzle Book Profits“, that costs less than half of the bundle price.

Puzzle Book Profits will teach you step by step how to create puzzle books, in this case sudoku books, and sell them on KDP, Etsy and other marketplaces.

If you’re just getting started with puzzle books, this can be a great starting point.

If you already published some puzzle books, and even if you’re already using Puzzle Maker Pro, the course will probably show you some features and other nuggets that you weren’t aware of yet.