POD Graphics Maker Expansion Pack 02

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This expansion adds five new fun patterns to POD Graphics Maker – Doodle/tangle/geometric style – Advanced Colorization – Commercial License

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POD Graphics Maker Expansion Pack 02 – Product Information


Create beautiful unique designs.

Apparel, book covers, seamless patterns in doodle, tangle or geometric style. Up to 7000 px at 300DPI.

POD Graphics Maker users create fabric prints, journal covers, book covers, textile designs, wallpaper designs, website backgrounds or illustrations, logos, abstract / pattern coloring books, borders for printed books or journals, art for mugs, water bottles, wall art, and more.

POD Graphics Expansion Pack 02 is a collection of 5 new 3pattern styles, based on Doodle, Geometric and other patterns, This Expansion pack requires the Starter Edition or the Image Mosaic Edition.

Each pattern can be customized, e.g. the number of lines, the angle, the colors, the way a pattern is built out of starting tiles, etc.

There are several built-in color schemes, including a randomizer, but you can also manually select your colors (optionally using hex notication).

Important: You don’t need to draw or be creative, just play with the options and sliders, and see the awesome results.

The goal of this software is to let you have fun with all the options, trying what each slider or option does. It’s made for play.

Note: Pattern preview images for each (expansion) pack are shown on the product pages for each pack

Ease of Use

It’s easy – select the pattern style you want in the dropdown menu, and start playing with all the sliders and option.

Again and again.

For example:

  • Each pattern has its own controls, to change the number of lines, etc
  • Most patterns have a “fluidity” slider, that makes straight lines curved
  • Almost unlimited options to color your patterns
  • Many patterns have a tiling options, where you can mirror or rotate the tiles
  • You can overlay a simple shape or text, or fill that shape or text with your pattern

You can save the patterns you like (JPG or PNG) and even save the preset data for the pattern, for later reuse.

POD Graphics Maker Expansion Pack 02 – Video Overview

POD Graphics Maker Overview

Zooming and Panning in POD Graphics Maker

Using a Mask in POD Graphics Maker

POD Graphics Maker Expansion Pack 02 – Feature Summary

30 Pattern Styles

30 different Pattern Styles, based on Doodle Art, Geometric Art and more


Create beautiful patterns, with or without artistic talents

Large Size

The bitmap output (JPG/PNG) can be up to 7000×7000 pixels at 300 DPI (that’s 23″x23″)

Tiling Options

The base tile can be mirrored and rotated, each square of 4 tiles can also be mirrored when filling the canvas


Any tile format up to 50×50 tiles can be used

Fixed Tiles

A number of fixed tiles is included (mixed in three of the pattern styles). These can be colored and adjusted

Flexible Tile Patterns

Adjust the number of lines, squares and other options. Change straight lines into curves


Many colorization options, to create variations of a single pattern

Color Presets

Color preset use increasing/decreasing hue, luminosity and saturation

Random Colors

Random color options can be used to get inspired

Advanced Color Selector

Use RGB, Hex or HSLto specify individual colors

Overlay Options

Use your own custom image or text to cut the pattern into a shape

Overlay Text

Cut out text, or create a text shape filled with the pattern you create


Optionally add your own watermarks

Full Commercial Rights

Use, sell or give away the graphics you create

Optimized for Windows (10/11)

The software can be used on MS Windows 7 or higher. It’s only available on Mac when you use Virtualbox, Parallels or another virtual Windows platform

Product DetailsPurchase InformationFree / Demo Products


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