A blue and white geometric pattern.

POD Graphics Maker 1.2 Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 – Minor Update

  • Fixed Watermark – Custom watermarks will be shown.

Version 1.2 – Major changes:

  • Zoom function for the preview canvas (use the mousewheel to zoom in or out)
  • Save Settings (checkbox) saves symbol, color and pattern settings along with the image (with matching filename). Note: This option does not currently work for Pattern 03-4 (Image)
  • Load saved settings with or without color settings. These options are at the top of the pattern dropdown list
  • Use Watermark (Options window) will save both the image using your watermark (or the BPT watermark if left empty) and an unmarked image. (This works only for licensed patterns)
  • Hide Demo Patterns (Options window) will remove the demo patterns (unlicensed) patterns from your pattern list
  • A new pattern 00-11 Pucman has been added to the standard patterns. This resembles a certain computer game that was popular in the ‘8o’s.
  • A new pattern pack is available: pack 04 with patterns: Lombart, Simple Shapes, Light Play, Patchwork and Vortex.
  • Fixed: Distortion when using non-square patterns (e.g. in some cases for book cover format with “Shape” type patterns)
  • Fixed: Click position for the “Draw” pattern corrected.

Please let us know if you find any errors. Especially Save Settings is almost impossible to test for all the different options and settings for each pattern. We usually respond quickly with answers, workarounds and updates.