Geometric String Art Designer

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Create Geometric String Art Designs, by connecting geometric shapes. Standalone art or design for actual string art. Commercial Use Allowed

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Geometric String Art Designer – Product Information


String Art is usually created by placing pins or nails in a piece of wood, and then placing string or wire around the pins, to create beautiful patterns.

Geometric String Art Designer helps you to create and test your design before putting all the work in. With Geometric String Art Designer you can:

  • Create String Art designs that you can actually create with wood, pins and string,
  • Create geometric art that resembles String Art,
  • Create great designs with shapes and pins for activity books, where kids or adults can draw the connecting lines themselves.


With Geometric String Art Designer you can

  • Add, move, resize and rotate geometric shapes such as squares, lines, circles and polygons,
  • Connect parts of these shapes to add the strings
  • Change the number of pins for each shape or segment
  • Change the color or gauge of the wires
  • Easily resize or move shapes to some standard sizes and positions
  • Easily change the gauge or color for many strings at once


Additionally you can save your project and clone your shapes to speed up your design process.

Ease of Use

Just click the “Demo” button to see one of the three built-in demo designs. You can change and save these to quickly get a new design.

Or add shapes, use the Easy Size and Position settings to quickly get a draft of your new design.

You can add connections (strings) between the shapes first, and then position the shapes to perfection,


Geometric String Art Designer Overview

Geometric String Art Designer – Video Overview

Change Size and Position of Your Shapes

Create Automatic Connections

Geometric String Art Designer – Feature Summary

Different Shapes

Lines, Triangles, Circles, Squares, Polygons up to 10 edges

Unlimited Shapes

There’s no built-in limited to the number of shapes you can use

Flexible Segment Approach

For each shape you define segments that can be connected

Flexible Canvas Size

You can create designs up to 10,000×10,000 pixels


Use 72 or 300 DPI for images up to 138×138 inch or 33×33 inch

Resize or Move

You can resize or move shapes while keeping stringed connections


You can rotate shapes while keeping stringed connections

Optional Margin Check

You can choose whether shapes should be placed within the margins only

String Art Designs

Create and test new String Art designs before doing all the actual work

Activity Pages

Create activity pages from your string art design


Save as JPG or PNG image

String Color

Change the string color for any string or for all at once

String Gauge

Change the gauge for any string or all at once

Product Details Purchase Information Free / Demo Products

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