Powerpoint Add-In Support

POD Graphics Maker 1.2 Release Notes

Version 1.2.1 – Minor Update Fixed Watermark – Custom watermarks will be shown. Version 1.2 – Major changes: Zoom function for the preview canvas (use the mousewheel to zoom in or out)Save Se…

Powerpoint Add-In – Certificate Not Trusted Error

How to fix the “certificate not trusted” error when installing our Powerpoint add-ins

Powerpoint Add-In – Scrunched Display

If the settings panel for our Powerpoint add-ins looks completely off, one of the causes may be the scale setting of your Windows system.

Powerpoint Add-in Problems

How to fix Powerpoint Add-In installation problems

Powerpoint Add-In Support

Please contact the seller of your Powerpoint add-in for support. Here we offer solutions to installation and technical issues.

Powerpoint Replicator

Quickly and easily create covers and pages in Powerpoint ™. This app can run from Excel or as a separate Windows app. In addition to the main app, you get the Cover and Page Template Creator for…

Puzzle Maker Pro – Puzzle Files Settings

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