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POD Pattern Maker

(Warning: MS Windows Only)

If you do tshirts, digital papers, shower curtains, pillows, journals, planners, or any other type of Print on Demand design - Here's another favorite design tool

Create Beautiful Patterns as Digital Papers, Tshirt Designs, Book Covers and more. Repurpose the Clipart you already have.

Our customers say:

I am a huge fan of POD Graphics Maker and of Hans' work. He has made it incredibly easy to be a designer. I love how easy I can make backgrounds and graphics for my journals and planners. And not only is it easy to use, it is fun!!! I have spent hours playing around with POD Graphics Creator and have come up with some really cool creations. I bought only the basic set originally and definitely plan to buy the whole set. This is a great investment. I highly recommend it.


Lynn Webb,

I've been playing with it this afternoon. It's going to save hours on creating patterns which are perfect for uploading to POD sites, etc. Brilliant!


Caronline Callaghan,


POD Pattern Maker

Create stunning patterns with POD Pattern Maker.

Repurpose your clipart collection.

Proven pattern layouts that work. Time after time.

With POD Pattern Maker you can:

  • Up to 20 cliparts in a pattern
  • Classic Layouts and  Wildly Chaotic Layouts
  • Grid, Half Drop and other patterns
  • Rotate or Reflect cliparts randomly

Perfect for:

  • Book Covers
  • Digital Papers
  • Print on Demand Tshirts, Shower Curtains, Mugs, Wall Decorations, Apparel, Wallpaper, etc. etc.

You can set the exact format you need:

  • 5000x5000 pixels digital paper?
  • A 6"x9" page?


  • A 8.5"x11" full book cover for 120 pages and bleed?
  • A 1"x11" border?

POD Pattern Maker can do that for you.

POD Pattern Maker - How it works

Browse jpg or png images in any folder on your computer (or network drive).

These can be selected into the layer clipboard. (The Pro version has multiple layers)

The layer settings for each layer determine what the results will look like

Switch between pattern styles - Classic and Chaos.

Classic is a proven, elegant ordering of the cliparts, often used in surface pattern design.

Chaos is less predictable, wild, restless.

You can do half-drop patterns as well - both in classic and chaos style.

This is another common pattern style for digital papers, book cover designs, apparel designs, and more.

The classic style is playful, elegant, but also offers a comfortable recognizable repeat.

And of course, the pattern is seamlessly repeatable.

You can Transform your cliparts in the pattern, by randomly rotating or reflecting them.

You can specify how many can be transformed by setting the chance (a percentage between 0 and 100).

You an also set the transparency for the layer, and make the background for jpg images transparent (this works on solid colors only).

POD Pattern Maker Features


We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the software, but we can guarantee your satisfaction in dealing with us.

If for any reason you decide during the first 30 days that the software is not the right product for you, you'll get a refund. No questions asked.
(Just create a ticket in our helpdesk system inside the members area).

Frequently Asked Question


Q: What is the difference between Doodle-O-Mat, POD Graphics Maker and POD Pattern Maker?

 A: Doodle-O-Mat and POD Graphics Maker are exactly the same software. POD Graphics Maker is the new name, and it's used to create beautiful patterns from scratch. POD Pattern Maker creates more classic style patterns from your clipart. One of it's goals is to repurpose your current graphical assets.

 Q: What happens if I decide this is not for me?

A: You'll get a refund, no questions asked.
We're convinced you can test the software and decide if it's the right product for you within 30 days after purchase.

Q: Are there any limitations to the use of the images?

A: The use of patterns is limited by the licenses of the clipart you are using. We don't set any additional restrictions.

Q: Some of the images have a "bookpublishertools" watermark printed on them, did I do something wrong?

A: A watermark will be printed if when you don't have a license for POD Pattern Maker, or when you use features of the Pro version and don't have a license for that.

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