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If you do tshirts, mugs, shower curtains, pillows, coloring books, journals, planners, or any other type of Print on Demand design - Here's your new favorite design tool

Create beautiful images, patterns and coloring pages, tshirt and mug designs, in seconds, without skills, without hiring a designer, and with lots of fun doing it...

Our customers say:

I am a huge fan of POD Graphics Maker and of Hans' work. He has made it incredibly easy to be a designer. I love how easy I can make backgrounds and graphics for my journals and planners. And not only is it easy to use, it is fun!!! I have spent hours playing around with POD Graphics Creator and have come up with some really cool creations. I bought only the basic set originally and definitely plan to buy the whole set. This is a great investment. I highly recommend it.


Lynn Webb,


POD Graphics Maker

Create stunning patterns and images with POD Graphics Maker.

Use the simple controls to transform a simple seed symbol into a world of beautiful patterns.

Use POD Graphics Maker to create:

  • Surface Patterns
  • Digital paper
  • Mugs
  • Apparel Designs,
  • Book Covers
  • Website illustrations
  • Coloring Pages
  • Borders for your Book Pages and Designs
  • Doodle Patterns for your Coloring Pages
  • For just about anything you can think of

And in the exact format you need:

  • 5000x5000 pixels digital paper?
  • A 6"x9" page?

  • A 8.5"x11" full book cover for 120 pages and bleed?
  • A 1"x11" black and white border?

POD Graphics Maker can do that for you.

POD Graphics Maker Features

Ten (plus 1) different seed symbols in the Starter Edition. Thirty (plus 1) in the XL Edition.
Allowing you to create millions of different images. To use in any way you like.
Black and white only, or colored in any elegant, creative or wild way you prefer.

Customization options depend on the symbol type. All are created to experiment and play. The effects are immediate.
Adjust the single tile or shape, or adjust way repeats are shown, everything just a mouse-click away.

Create the size you need. 5000x5000 pixels for patterns, 8"x11.5" for a book cover, or 1"x10" for a border, we've got you covered.
You immediately see a preview of the tile or shape layout for the size you specify.

Choose to draw just the lines or the colored areas or both. On a transparent or colored background.

Extensive coloring options. Use the easy and goodlooking presets, or set your perfect colors manually.

Create fresh new patterns from your existing images or doodles. This is just one of the many options of POD Graphics Maker.
(Note: This feature requires Expansion pack 03 or POD Graphics Maker XL)

Masking - Use built in masks or use your own.

To frame the pattern, or for creative effects

You can even create an inverted mask out of your own clipart or images.

You can resize POD Graphics Maker the way you want. To work on your small laptop screen, or on your 26" desktop monitor.

Full zoom and pan, to view your pattern in detail for the finishing touch.
(This is the same pattern as the left image, but zoomed in.)


POD Graphics Maker Editions

All POD Graphics Maker editions share the same features

  • Creative patterns, in doodle, geometric or other creative styles, coloring options, image and text overlays and masks.
  • Formatting in the exact size you need, whether that's 4500x5400 pixels, 6500x6500 pixels, 6x9" 300DPI or 8.5x10" 300DPI full cover.

There is only one POD Graphics Maker. You can choose how many and which 'seed' patterns you want to start with.

Currently we have three options available:

  • POD Graphics Maker Starter has 10 different seed patterns,
  • POD Graphics Maker Image Mosaic has 5 different seed patterns, including the Image Mosaic pattern
  • POD Graphics Maker XL comes with 30 different seed patterns (10 seed patterns from the regular version, 15 additional patterns, and a bonus pattern pack with 5 more patterns).

Additional pattern packs are for sale separately.

Sometimes you find something that is fun, but definitely not for everyone.

This pattern resembles a console game from the 80's.

This is included in the Starter and XL editions of POD Graphics Creator. It may not be as versatile as all the other patterns, but it definitely has character!


We cannot guarantee your satisfaction with the software, but we can guarantee your satisfaction in dealing with us.

If for any reason you decide during the first 30 days that the software is not the right product for you, you'll get a refund. No questions asked.
(Just create a ticket in our helpdesk system inside the members area).

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What happened to Doodle-O-Mat?

A: Doodle-O-Mat and POD Graphics Maker are exactly the same software. POD Graphics Maker is the new name. If you purchased Doodle-O-Mat, your license will still be valid, and upgrades are still included.

Q: What happens if I decide this is not for me?

A: You'll get a refund, no questions asked.
We're convinced you can test the software and decide if it's the right product for you within 30 days after purchase.

Q: Are there any limitations to the use of the images?

A: No. You can use them for your own products, for Print On Demand (POD) products, you can even sell the images you create. However, we are not responsible for trademark or copyright violations if you use this software to recreate trademarked or copyrighted images. (Just like Adobe (tm) is not resposible for the images you create with their tools.

Q: Some of the images have a "bookpublishertools" watermark printed on them, did I do something wrong?

A: The POD Graphics Creator software contains all the seed symbols that are available. Only the ones that you bought have been unlocked. If a saved image is watermarked, that means you didn't buy that pattern pack. (This is our 'try before you buy' service, to let you play and experiment with additional patterns without buying them first).

Q: Can I buy an XL upgrade at a later time?

A: Yes. The four pattern packs are available as separate sets for $19 each, or as a combined XL upgrade for $57 in our shop.

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